Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour

College Golf


One of the more interesting ways to enjoy the college experience is to become a student athlete and actually have the college pay for your education and, in some cases, then some!
The following players have used the Emerald Coast Junior Golf Tour as a stepping stone to fulfilling their personal dream of becoming a student athlete:
Please contact us immediately, if you feel we have missed someone!
Hayes Gibson-Huntingdon College
Jack Hundley-Huntingdon College
Molly Kirkman-Spring Hill College
Eddie Lee-University of West Florida
Reese McFatter-Cleveland State 
Travis Fossum-Snead State Community College
Morgan Hughes-University of Mobile
Kyler Long-Jefferson State Community College
Blake Rigdon-Troy University
Madison Tenore-Daytona State
Alia Scotka-University of West Florida
Nicholas Dimitroff - Coastal Alabama/University of West Florida
Dylan Hopper - Spring Hill College/University of North Georgia
Taylor Moody - Daytona State
Paola Rosario-Shorter State/University of Cincinnati
Emilia Smith-University of Alabama-Birmingham
Peyton Pacheco - University of West Florida
Sarah Edwards - Florida Gulf Coast University/University of Alabama
Devin Parnell - Coastal Alabama Community College
John David Cobb - Coastal Alabama Community College
Danielle Humphrey - University of North Georgia
Jake Peaden - Evangel University 
Elise Schultz - Arkansas State
Debra Ann Burdeshaw - Huntingdon College
Jake Kilcrease - Northeast Mississippi State College
Lauren Miller - Mississippi State University
Cameron Fish - Belmont University
Chase Hurt - University of North Florida
Cam Page - Huntingdon College
Cameron Bonner - University of West Florida
Malia Stovall - University of Tennessee
Steven Johnson - Coastal Alabama Community College
Aaron Grimes - Coastal Alabama Community College
Brian Richards - University of Southern Mississippi
Patrick Poate - Florida Atlantic University/West Florida
Sarah Pabst - University of Alabama
Abigail Herrmann - University of Memphis
Jade Sanders - Alabama State University
Brock Ochsenreiter - University of Indiana
Ryan Barousse - College of Coastal Georgia
Ailsa Clark - Florida Gulf Coast University
Tyler Cohen - Rhodes College
Jacob Lehman - Methodist University
Amber Ritchie - Loyola University
Parker Jones - Calhoun Community College/Charleston Southern
Madison Pacheco - University of Florida
Miranda Holt - University of Southern Mississippi
Bryce Geraghty - University of West Florida
Brooks Rabren - University of Southern Alabama
Stephen Shephard - Huntingdon College
Mark Connelly - University of Central Alabama - Huntingdon
Lindsey Harrison - Troy University
Ashley Rogers - Loyola University
Bailey Rimes - William Penn University
Jake Hill - Martin Methodist College
Hallie Rice - Huntingdon College
Lexi Worrell - University of South Alabama
Christian Bosso - University of West Florida
Antonia Poate - Troy University
Crystian Hopper - University of Mobile
Andrew Smith - Emmanuel College
Jason Rogers - Gardner Webb University

JR Schultz - University of West Florida
Clayton Vannoy - Troy University
Kayla Bloor - Florida State University - Southern Miss
Alexis Hazard - Loyola University
Alex Ryals - Spring Hill College
Davis Bowyer - University of Montevallo
Harrison Krause - William Carey College
Dillon Humphrey - Faulkner State Community College/Univ. of North Georgia
Dalton Humphrey - Faulkner State Community College/University of North Georgia
Trey Agguire - University of Western Kentucky
Rebekah Pruett - McNeese State University - Lee University
Spencer Olson - University of West Florida
Cole Glass - McNeese State University
Langley Vannoy - Troy University
Brandon Jowers - Columbia University
Joanna Holt - Spring Hill Community College
Colin Cahill - University of Iowa
Fisher Bodenstein - Jackson State University
Joe Stepnes - University of North Florida
Jaime Jordan - University of West Florida - University of West Georgia

We have read through many college golf guides, listened to many experts on the subject and have decided to recommend the following four websites to those who may be considering college golf.
They are in no particular order and each has elements that make them valuable that others do not seem to offer without additional fees.
It is well worth browsing through all four.
Additionally we have developed a list of things from parents and players from our Tour!! Please open the file below titled College Golf Notes.
Other Sites of Interest...
www.floridajuniortour.org Especially focused on Florida schools
www.ajga.org Look under "For the parents"
www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com Look under "On and off the course"
www.collegegolf.com PING college guide